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Due to the current circumstances, our 10.30am and 6.30pm Sunday services are live on Zoom and Youtube. Please contact us for the Zoom link or click on the Youtube link at the bottom of the screen.

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Sholing Baptist Church, Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 8FS

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Jesus said, “I will build my church“
Matthew 16:18

About Basics Bank

Since 1996 when we opened our first Basics Bank we have been giving out free food and clothes to those in need in Southampton. As good as our State benefit system is, it often cannot respond quickly enough for life’s crises. We work with our referral agents to provide emergency food and clothes provision for those who fall through the gaps in the benefit net.

All of our food and clothes are donated by churches, schools, the public and businesses. We sort, store and make it available to our clients at various venues around the City on different days of the week.

In 2012 we are currently feeding and clothing more people every month than we did in 2011. In 2011 Basics Bank fed people 4578 times and clothed people 1593 times.

We have over 300 Referral Agents who issue our vouchers to people in need when they think it is appropriate. Social workers, Health visitors, Doctors, Benefits offices, community workers, shelters, drop-ins, charities, churches and many others, use our vouchers to give help to those they work with. We are not a direct access project, in that a client needs a valid voucher from a referral agent before we can help them.

While we are a Christian Mission and want everyone to know about the love and opportunity that Jesus has for them, we are committed to providing this practical help and assistance of food and clothes with no strings attached. We serve anyone of any background, belief or outlook and are happy to do so.