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Morning Service - 10.30am

Evening Service -  6.30pm

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Sholing Baptist Church, Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 8FS

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Jesus said, “I will build my church“
Matthew 16:18

Rules and Regulations

All professing Christians who regard Sholing Baptist as their church, and are in agreement with the Statement of Faith and Purpose, should be encouraged to become members. All requests for membership will be considered by the Leaders and, if accepted, the applicant will be received into membership at a subsequent Communion Service.

The oversight of spiritual and material matters of the church shall be the joint responsibility of the Leaders, one or more of whom may be employed by the church in a paid capacity. There must be a minimum of three Leaders, though preferably more.

The Leaders are to be believers in full accord with the Statement of Faith and Purpose and shall be men called and qualified by God in accordance with the Scriptures. Nominations can be submitted in writing to the Secretary by any church member at any time. After due consideration the existing Leaders may decide to announce the proposal to the church inviting comments. After a period of one month the Leaders will either invite the nominee to join them as a Leader or, should an invitation not be extended, then a suitable explanation will be given. New Leaders will be formally welcomed into office at a subsequent Communion Service.

Those accepted into Leadership will continue in office until they resign or are removed, should that become necessary. The Leaders are under an obligation to ensure that the Biblical standards for leadership are maintained. Any allegations of unsuitability must be dealt with and appropriate action taken. A Leader can be removed from office by the majority vote of the other Leaders. Should a significant proportion of the membership become discontent with the Leadership over any issue to the extent that it cannot be resolved satisfactorily then the advice and guidance of a mutually respected third party may be sought.

Only church members shall be eligible for positions of leadership within any department of the church.